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Basics Of Electrokinesis From 14 Years Old - Sonny546 - 07-27-2018

Hi! I am Vito. Today i am going to teach today basics of electrokinesis for all you folks new here or some people to reremember techniques. These are techniques which i use.  I am not master of electrokinesis but these are pretty much basics(like linking with air in aerokinesis).

Feeling electric currents: Every night before sleep lay in bed. Now imagine electric currents traveling from your dan tien through your whole body. To me personally it helped alot to play a video of storm or electric currents on youtube. Now that you can feel your energy imagine your energy going in and out of your body. You will feel tension in random part of body(solar plexus-dan tien for me). This will take you aproximately 1-2 months if you never worked with energy. It took me 2 weeks and I worked with energy for 2 years then.

 Everybody has its body part that he/she thinks is most important in energy work. To somebody it means something to somebody not. I for example get extreme tension and freeze on my chests("solar plexus"-dan tien). This is nothing dangerous and i find it quite useful because then I can animate that feeling through whole body and exceed my limits little bit. This feeling is not something that can be easily controlled so it is quite hard to make it more than a wave of energy. It is like tickling because it is great but you have to resist. One of those feelings that are good but distract you in the same time.  

Electroball: It is quite simple, if you can do the first technique and know how to do chi ball. Simply create a chi ball and start focusing your electric currents into chi ball. you will feel tickling on your fingers(every kind of ball has its feeling under hands) and little bit of movement. This is the same with every other elemental chi ball however instead of currents you focus passionate or steady or strong or fluid energy based on whether it is aerokinesis, hydrokinesis, pyrokinesis or geokinesis.

These two techniques are all i think beginner should need to know. I will make thread about energy traits its nature and other things about energy based on element whether it is one of 5 basic elements or other kinds of kinesis.

RE: Basics Of Electrokinesis From 14 Years Old - David L. Pate - 09-20-2018

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