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Welcome to Psionics Forum! (Formerly - Blue - 01-01-2018

Hello everyone!

If you've landed on this thread, it's likely you were redirected from That community, along with all content, has officially moved to it's new home at! This thread serves as a FAQ about the transition.

What? The forum is now available at, and runs on the MyBB forum platform.
Why? David, the owner of, decided that managing a community was too much at the moment. I have taken over ownership as a result.
Who? I go by Blue, and I'm a fellow enthusiast. I wasn't active on the previous communities such as PsiWarriors, but I am interested in psionics and look forward to the opportunity to learn even more soon. You can also find my introduction thread here to learn more about me personally.
When? The move is effective immediately, though please expect plenty of small improvements to the website over the next few weeks. I'm working through the list as quickly as I can Curl-lip

My ultimate goal is to make this transition go as smoothly as possible for all of you. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have suggestions for site improvement!


RE: Welcome to Psionics Forum! (Formerly - Nathan888 - 04-10-2019

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RE: Welcome to Psionics Forum! (Formerly - maries - 04-26-2019

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